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GODZ OF DEMISE MC is an MC for hardworking money making GTA players that play in a crew. 74 Crew is for those who want to come online and have crew members also online willing to do heists, glitches, missions, jobs and challenges. We would also like to recruit enough members and actually take on rival MC's in our spare time. So those cold killahs out there we welcome you.

To Join GDMC you must have the following...
.3 motorcycles
.10 car garage
.An armoured vehicle

You also must show the following qualities.
.You enjoy riding motorcycles and do so regularly.
.You are a capable motorcyclist capable of riding in a pack with others.
. You respect the GDMC Code.
.You play regularly and always put playing witg your crew 1st.

The GDMC Code
.Original 74 chapter is the governing chapter. VGuy_FawkesV gives power to other chapters and members to make decisions, but ultimately has the decision to overrule at any time.
.The president of the a chapter should lead his club. No other member should overtake him without his say. No other member should defy his orders.
. All Members must 'Patch Up' with some form of jacket/cut and the GDMC patch on the back. Presidents of each chapter have the power to allow/decline any non traditional leather/denim jackets. However, President VGuy has the ultimate say on weather a members idea of "patch up" is acceptable or not.
.All chapters must have 4 Members and 1 President. Presidents can assign positions when they feel the number of members is adwquate to do so.

.When a President assigns positions, they are...

President = The leader who can lead his club to glory. The President will know when he should be stubborn and when he should listen. He Must recruit members to our ever-growing club and ensure its success by keeping his chapter active and attractice. People want to come online and know there crew will be onlinè. The President makes this club.

Vice President = basically the president when pres aint about. Stays close to Pres and a capable leader. Also in charge of making sure members are CONSTANTLY active playing and working TOGETHER as a crew. We must make our club prescence known in rankings and to the eye of the non GDMC member. Make sure your members are always heisting, glitching and working so they have equipment, vechicles, property, weapons and money.

Road Captain = Usually known for riding skills, your road captain is in charge of testing your prospects riding skills and is in charge of keeping the crew practiced. When chapters come together, if it is your chapter who are sticking out as the bad riders, you may need a new road captain.

Sergeant At Arms = The War General. Usually the member who takes lead in heists. Made a few million and bought a hanger and tanks and choppers and jets. Your Serg will be the member who advises and plans out tactics in missions and when hunting down rival crews in freemode. Also in charge of testing weapon/fighting/mission skill of prospects.

Enforcer = Toughest of the lads. If you were worried about pissing of your Serg.... Your enforcer will be your golden boy on any battlefield. The hardest most murderous member. The game winner.

Full Patch Member = A proven GDMC Member is online often, hungry and cunning. Our average member must be clever and self minded. Do you google ways to make money? Are you willing to play with your crew members so that you are all well practiced and earning well? I do not want to find you online with another crew active playing with another group. There are brothers you could be defending and working with.

.Prospects = Constantly being tested. Nobody would choose to be a prospect. Yet every member must. Every chapter must have a prospect crew with only the bottom rocker and MC patch. Prospects are either being trained, tested or made to go above and beyond like noone should have to.
.Every member Must play a Minimum of 6 Hours as a prospect before they can become a full
.Prospects are not allowed inside Clubhouses, facilities, bunkers or any properties while in use by club members. Prospects must wait outside and guard the building and bikes. Prospects may only enter when they are instructed to for work.

HangArounds = Friends of members, friendly strangers, anyone could become a hang around. If someone has the potential to become a hang around, put their psn down in the club group. Hang Arounds may play as non club members. So they may join our side in a free mode fight. But they are not to work with us. Talk them into applying for the club and then have a word with your Pres.

If you would like to become a part of GDMC, please respond to this thread, or contact VGuy @.....
PSN: VGuy_FawkesV
Rockstar Socialclub: VGuy_FawkesV
Crew: Godz Of Demise MC
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