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From time to time I'll replay Story Mode in hopes to get Gold Completion in one try. Still working on that goal, but after saving up on round 3 of playing Story Mode, I was finally able to buy that damn Golf Course! It wiped out my bank account but now I'm making more at a faster rate than I have been before!

With Michael owning all the Movie Theaters, the Golf Course, and a little bit in stocks, I've bee raking in so much money it's borderline ridiculous.

Anybody else figure out a better way to make a shit ton of cash after finishing Story Mode?


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Apparently you can play the stock market and make a fuck ton of cash after the mission where Lester has Michael kill that tec ceo spokesman. You'd have to check youtube videos and guides on it.

Ofc this means it would be during the main story.

Though if that's what you mean by the stocks you have, then just do prostitution. Hehe.

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Yeah, that whole stock market thing is confusing as f**k. I tried watching some tutorials on YouTube but just cant get it. I do have some $$ invested but I can figure out how these other people rake in thousands... I guess I'll add it to the list of things i need to figure out in GTA, lol.

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The stocks always go the way the youtube videos & guides say (depending on the age of the guide).
However, the amounts will vary quite a lot. If the video says expect an increase of 60% it could be anywhere from 20% to 70%.
Experiment yourself. Get a save before an assassination, do it then use sleeps to progress time and see how the markets do, then reload the save & see how it does next time.
You still have to gamble for real here. Sometimes you'll never get what you were first offered, sometimes it gets higher.
I say if you get anywhere near what the guides say, snap it up & save the game again.
Most important tip is to turn off autosave.

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turning off auto-save is a great idea... also i keep forgetting to use sleeps to pass time. All in all, great tips. I'm gonna try these. thx!

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Other things to remember here are that you can otherwise complete the story mode campaign without touching these assassination missions from Lester. Do so. You'll have heist money to invest.
You'll know when to leave Lester alone - he'll be waiting at Vespucci beach for you. That's the first assassination. Let him wait until you've made your heist money.
Actually I think the real first one you can't avoid - The one where Micheal has to dress young and go to the LifeInvader offices. A youtube guide will tell you how to invest when you see this one happening.

Damn this was easier on last gen - You could create several save slots to really manipulate the stock market values.... Hang on - Can we still do that? Do it if you can.
Play the markets on your first mission and then once you've made your money and sold the shares, save in another slot (note which are which).
Load the first game save again and play the markets a second time. If you made more, save it and delete the second save.
Do it again, load the first, see if you can make more again. If not, give up, load your successful one, delete the others.
For each assassination mission, have a 'base' game save (the one with which you made the most), then create other saves on the next assassination until you find a new 'base save'.

If you can be bothered with all that of course!
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