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S&P Roleplay PS4 is recruiting for members!!

Gotta be 18+ to join!!!

Serve & Protect RP

Who We Are:
We are a GTA V Roleplaying Community for the PS4, Here at S&P we strive to give the best service for our players, and host lobbies for all time zones. We host for the players, which means, for us the most important thing is everyone has fun. We are growing fast and we are inviting YOU to be a part of us.

We have many features that allow us to have great RP Patrols on the PS4

•Supportive and Active Staff
•Range of Timezones We Patrol Around!
•Whole Map Patrols
•An Economy
•Active Community Members
•Daily Patrols at 8pm EST
•Seeking new Members

To join our community please click on our invite link then once you're in our server head over to the interview room and please wait for a staff member to interview you
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