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As you should all be aware by now, we are no longer doing "Crew of the Month".

Instead we will be choosing a crew as a "Featured Crew".

Oh and your recruitment thread is now in a lofty "stickied" spot.


We asked Josh8866 a few questions about his crew:

1. Where did you come up with the name The Bloody Water Clan?
Ever hear the expression the waters will run red with blood? That's where.

2. When was your crew created (opportunity to include crew history)?
Although we've undergone several re makes the original was created roughly a year ago.

3. What type of crew is your crew?
Well we are mostly freeroam orientated, but I also like to think of us as a team work based crew.

4. What does your crew and the members do on a daily basis? Are you and the members on every day?
We usually grind missions or kill people in free roam but we also help each other out with anything else.

5. Does you crew stretch anywhere besides GTA? Any other games?
A few of my members play battlefield 1 with me and I know even more will be playing RDR2 with me after it comes out.

6. Is your crew known around the GTA community? If so, which type (Competitive, role play, mafia, etc).
As far as community outreach goes we keep to ourselves.

7. How do you go up the ranks in your crew? (Representative, lieutenant, commissioner) and do you have any custom made up ranks you can achieve?
Representatives help me recruit, lieutenants help maintain order and train people and commissioners micro manage.

8. What makes your crew unique from other crews?

Our dress style.

9. Do you have any outstanding members you'd like to talk about?

Ome3gaRed, despite being in the crew for a short amount of time he has already left a good impression on the crew and become a representative.

10. What's your favorite car / bike in your garage right now?

Definitely my duke o death.
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Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1
Well it's been long enough for Josh's crew, especially as he's stopped posting anything...

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