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How to get featured on Social Club
A few days ago my crew, STRIKE Enforcers got featured on R* Social Club and it has helped us out A LOT. I thought id share some tips for people looking to grow their crew on how to get featured.
Ill start by saying that R* describes every crew featured in two words. The ones Ive seen are:

-Savvy Recruiters
-Heist Crew
-Flying Crew
-Motorcycle Club
-Competitive crew
-Great Video
-Stance Crew
-Awesome Emblem

The more of these categories your crew fits in, the more likely you will be featured.
R* features crews very randomly. Some times within a month of each other and sometimes months. I would recommend sending in a new recruitment pitch every time a crew gets featured but change the pitch a bit so one of them is more likely to be picked.
Tips for the pitch:
-Make it short and simple
-Try to mention what your crew does
-Mention what makes your crew unique
-Say what console you play on and what language you speak (more on this later)
-Include any crew websites/social media
-Get it right! Check your pitch to make sure its right because its very unlikely that you can get R* to change it

Make sure that you include you console and language and say that you ONLY want members who fit in to this category. When my crew got featured I regret not doing this, we had to start another crew for our Xbox members and kick the people who couldn't speak English. I think that the pitch gets translated so hopefully this stops people from joining and not understanding.

If you have the time and you really want to grow your crew then temporarily set your crew to open recruitment but make a list of your original member in case things go badly. Constantly message the whole crew with what to do and when you are satisfied with your member count set recruitment to invite only. Now sort through your members to get rid of the people that don't suit the crew. Get your new members up to date and congratulations, you crew has grown. Just don't do any of this yet cause I don't want my feature to get buried :)

I would like to note that some of this I didn't do but I now realise that it would have made it so much easier. I got most of this info from my experience in the past few days since being featured and by checking out other featured crews.
Here is the feature for my crew:
We also have a thread here which I will be updating soon:
You can send in your pitch via Mouthoff:
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i filled out the mouthoff form got nothing back maybe its out of date, I havent seen featured crews on the social club for a while
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