Xbox One I am recruiting for a role play group called Los Santos First Responders we offer Leo , Fire/Ems , Civilian/Criminal

Tyler Wilkinson

Talking Troll
I am the Owner of the role play group call Los Santos First Reesponders. we are based on xbox. we use discord to communicate in and out of rp. we offer Law Enforcement , Fire/Ems , dispatcher and Civilian/Criminal. we have a working cad/mdt system and a full economy system. we have businesses you can buy or you can make your own we also have item shops for the civilians. if you would like to join use the following invite link to our discord server ( ).

we also are looking for experienced admins , helpers , department heads and assistant department heads upon joining the server private message
( consumedstraw50#5126 ) and give me 4 sentences o why you should become a staff member and 3 sentences of some of your experiences as a staff member.
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