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i L L i N A i R
[ ILLN ]

iLLiNAiR is recruiting whoever willed, active on online regularly to go make money with other members, recruit prospects ( NOT any stupid players ) and deathmatch players. iLLiNAiR is a fresh new crew I made, I made a crew before and we went far on the world leaderboard in rep gained. I looking for well a organized crew, really a outstanding organized crew and with much to offer to me. Out to kill many other crews and not compensate for any other or ( others ). TRUST is needed in a CREW :mad: [ or else get the SHIT BEATING OUT YOU ! out the crew without any second thought of coming to be recruited again ]. Well... :confused: nothing left but rules and how we are going to stay in contact.

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  1. You must be 17+
  2. You must be a not immature
  3. You must be active, ( *twice a week cool )
  4. NO cursing or wrong manners

My Contacts
PSN : Da_iLLiNAiR Social Club Account : CEO_ME


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