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Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1
We at have seen a recent spate of trouble between different RP groups.
This has played out here and on RP groups' Discord servers.

I'm here to let you know it stops here!

Stay out of each others' threads and just concentrate on your own, fair recruiting.
We will no longer tolerate the putting down of other groups / leaders.

This has even come to some people throwing serious accusations of jailable offences against other group leaders.

If this happens here again I will personally be banning the offending poster immediately
and deleting all previous content of theirs AND their groups.

These offending posts have been by the minority, not the majority but it all seems to come from a few groups in the RP section.

Anyone wishing to continue recruiting here will display good taste and sportsmanship or get out.

I hope I make myself clear - Those guilty few should know who I'm talking to.
Today begins a zero tolerance standpoint on this issue.

Offences will be met with at least a warning, you won't see a third warning!
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