Xbox One Insaniac Gaming Roleplay


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Gamertag- CardCeiling5190


Roleplay Experience- Never, but interested

Availability- mostly latenights

Timezone- Belgium, Brussels

Previous Clans or crews- None


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Gamerta= JTOU28


Roleplay Experience= None

Availability= Most nights after 7pm CT


Previous Clans or crew DAGR


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Roleplay Experience= 3 Years

Availability= Weekdays, Weekends pm mainly

Timezone=Eastern Standard

Previous Clans or crews=SADRP

guns smell

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We are officially starting up Real Life Roleplay for EU Players on November 1st-- Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Code of Conduct:

No Rascism, Prejudice, Sexism or discrimination of any kind

No Trolling

Be respectful

No micspamming (Mics must be muted if u are not talking)

Must listen to IG Team Members(People who help run the lobbies)

You must have good sportsmanship

If you think you can abide by the rules be sure to copy and paste the template below



Roleplay Experience= Mo's - Year's

Availability= Weekdays, Weekends -(AM PM)


Previous Clans or crews=

New Video

Here is our picture for the community!​
Gamertag= guns smell
Roleplay Experience= 1 month
Availability= Weekdays and Weekends 4pm-12pm
Timezone= EST
Previous Clans or Crews= N/A

IG Airassault54

'Roleplay Moderator'
Gamertag= guns smell
Roleplay Experience= 1 month
Availability= Weekdays and Weekends 4pm-12pm
Timezone= EST
Previous Clans or Crews= N/A
Ay man its a pleasure to meet you don't forget to check out Insaniac Gaming on youtube. Also be sure to message me on xbl ig Airassault54


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Gamertag= Don Betawolf

Mic= Yes

Roleplay Experience= No Experience

Availability= Weekends Afternoons

Timezone= EST

Previous Clans or crews= No clans or crews



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Gamertag= ThomasJamez


Roleplay Experience= I play Gmod roleplay for about 2 years

Availability= Weekdays and weekends 4pm-12am


Previous Clans or crews= N/A


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Gamertag= Oozy

Mic= Yes

Roleplay Experience= None

Availability= Anytime mostly weekdays

Timezone= UTC -5 Central

Previous Clans or crews= OFWG


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Hello guys i appreciate everybody checking out my post.

I am the leader of the largest GTA Zombie Gaming community called Insaniac Gaming. We play multiple games besides GTA V... But today im here to tell you why you should join Insaniac Gaming for GTA V Purposes.


IG Airassault54 --IG AlmightyG-- Dank Tuxedo-- Codyman1017--- Rainingdeath20

We offer DLC Playability

We always try to go into freemodes when DLC are released to enjoy addons etc. We are always trying to try new things out with DLC. Pretty excited about Gunrunning and Smugglers run. We always like to include new vehicles and weapons in our events.

If you want to do a special event for a new DLC make sure you contact me or one of our IG Team Members

We offer Money/RP Lobbies

These are legit events that are played with 12-30 players-- We typically go for 30 players in every event we host. We get together and host a fun lobby of custom games such as LTS, TDM, DM, Stunt Races, Races, Captures and many variants. I have made updwards of $500,000 for playing 2 hours and playing 3-4 hours with my community...about 950K or more in 4 hours. These events are exclusive to my community members and GTA V Crews.

We offer Roleplay Lobbies such as Real Life Roleplay

A few other roleplays we do are listed... Gang Land Roleplay ---Hit Life Roleplay --- Military RP- Cops vs Robbers

Real Life Roleplay is every wednesday at 8 pm central

and Saturday at 6 pm central for US Players.

We offer the one and only Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay for Xbox One

Dont forget to join IGRP on Social Club

We also have a discord server Join our Insaniac Gaming Server

I’m very interested in doing role play I have been looking for a server for the longest time.
Xbox Gamertag: Bobby Da MADDOG
I have a mic and I’m in the central time zone. I’m on mostly everyday from like 7 to midnight. Plz get back to me. Thank You


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Gamertag= Zry CS

Mic=Y/N yes

Roleplay Experience= Mo's - Year's 2 years (arma 3)

Availability= Weekdays, Weekends -(AM PM) everyday 7ish-til whenever

Timezone= Central

Previous Clans or crews= None on gta.


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Roleplay Experience= None but very interested

Availability= Weekdays, Weekends -(AM PM)
Mostly weekends

Previous Clans or crews=No


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Thank you very much i really appreciate it. Its been an honor being here and helping out :) Roleplay is generally where i stay so i am definetly excited to make sure everybody has a fair chance at recruiting people for RP Servers. If you guys have any questions about Roleplay.. How to setup.. Or do anything of that Sort. You can talk to me on Discord and i can give you Basics. Just dont forget to tell people where you got your Roleplay Skills from Gtav Crews and me myself and I lol xD

I hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend and im ready to continue this adventure with you all!
How can I join?


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Roleplay Experience= never role played

Availability= Weekdays pm weekend am-pm-am


Previous Clans or crews=none

IVI r InSaNe X

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Gamertag= IVI r InSaNe X


Roleplay Experience= I’m new

Availability= Weekdays, Weekends -(PM)

Timezone= United Kingdom

Previous Clans or crews= 1
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