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Crew Name
Rogue Pariahs

We are a Xbox Military crew that is fun and organized. We are a group of organized military minded men and woman who fly close shoot straight and take control of the situation at hand. We have a wide variety of things that we do as far as grinding for money, taking over businesses, running Heists and playing missions. We are still in the process of building this crew so bare with us and help fill our ranks!!!! Welcome to the Rogue Pariahs.

Crew Name: Rogue Pariahs
Leader Username: weepierdog8

Crew Goals:
-Our main goal is for the gameplay to be fun and enjoyable. Many times have I seen failed games due to annoyances from other players.

Other goals include;
- A wonderful community
- A packed-full-of-fun experience
- The acquisition of teamwork skills
- To be recognised as a well thought-out and productive family/crew
- To show that we're not push overs and that our focus is looking after one another
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