Xbox One Laughing Coffins Motorcycle Club


Talking Troll
We are actively recruiting and looking for new Supports & Prospects. If you're looking for a Club that understands the true meaning of Family we are it. We are founded upon Biking, Brotherhood, Honor & Loyalty. If you're interested in joining here are the requirements.

Free-Aim Only
Chopper & Sports Bikes
Kutte Always On
Discord or Kik

All our Info is on our website

To get into Contact with us see below

President Ice
GT: X13Ice69X
IG: @laughing_cofn_ice
Kik: Joe1215gg
Discord: Itz Ya Boi Ice #3444

Vice President Joker
GT: Madjoker 1920
IG: @laughing_cofn_joker
Kik: scorpion_lov
Discord: Joker VP #9212

Sgt At Arms Ionz
GT: Advanced Ionz
IG: @laughing_cofn_ionz
Kik: Zach_k___
Discord: IonZvCofn #8794
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