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Life In San Andreas Real Life Roleplay
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Life In San Andreas R.L.R.P Is a life style based server located on the Xbox One. LifeRP Is a Brand NEW server looking for members

What Is Life Style Roleplay? Here at LifeRP we allow anyone to roleplay what they want. People are able to roleplay every day civilian or criminal lives, Or chose to be on the side of justice and be a law Enforcement Officer or be part of the judicial system as a Judge or Lawyer! Life Style Roleplay is people roleplaying lives some may have IRL. At LifeRP we do not force people to roleplay as LEO or civilians Members may choose what they want todo. What We have to offer!LifeRP has much to offer,

LifeRP has 3 main department for LEO people can apply for, Which Is The Blaine County Sheriff's Office The Los Santos Police Department, and the San Andreas Highway Patrol

LifeRP also allows criminal roleplay and has no restrictions on who may roleplay as a criminal!

We also have a fully set up ecomany system with bank accounts and a fully set up shop for vehicles and etc, This makes it more realistic and people can manage there money and even become millionaires!LifeRP also has a judicial system so civilians can take each other to court or even challenge LEOs in court!

We also have the option to become a Judge or Lawyers LifeRP has a fully set up RP government and we will have a Governor of San Andreas and a Mayor Of Los Santos!
The owner of the server has a fully set up CAD/MDT set up for the community!LifeRP is also looking to fill Staff Positions! These are just some features we have within are server! Please Join today! [Click Anywhere To Join]
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