PS3 Life In San Andreas R.L.R.P | LEO | CIV | Economy | Realistic/Professional CAD/MDT System


Life In San Andreas Real Life Roleplay​
Hello! Life in San Andreas R.L.R.P Is looking for members to join our realistic and fun roleplay server! LifeRP is a life style based roleplay community located on PS3, The staff members of LifeRP strive to provide the best server possible to there members!
Why Should You Join This Server?

1.) LifeRP uses the popular gaming app called discord for communication. This makes it very easy to talk with other members and roleplay

6542 2.) Are discord has a fully developed economy built in. This helps keep track of all users money and also items they may own, And all users start off with $5,000.00 USD (Not Real Money, Roleplay Money)

6544 3.) We offer civilian roleplay for anyone who joins are server, You can have many jobs like, Truck Driver, Construction Worker, Taxi Driver and many many more!

4.) We have many Law Enforcement options for people to choose if they would like

6545 Department Of Public Safety

6546 Los Santos County Sheriff Office

6547 San Andreas Highway Patrol

6548 Los Santos Police Department

LifeRP also has a Realistic and Professional CAD/MDT System

We Would Love For You To Join! Click The Link Below To Join Our Discord Server!
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