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Are you looking for a community on PS4 that is mature and enjoys to RP? Well, Life RP is recruiting and we need role players that will put in the effort to create amazing storylines! We have just launched, and the staff of Life RP want members to have the time of their life in RP. Let me explain some of the things that we have in store for future members! Our economy system is very basic, and no need for a terrible discord bot to do the work! We keep everything in-game, no inventory system bot, bot to keep track of money, etc. You want to have a big house, and fancy cars? You have to get a job, or work in a criminal organization to make the big money! Our police force will be sure to have you trained, and ready to arrest these criminal scum! We want the member to keep focus on RP instead of having a phone or laptop in front of them to do basic RP features! If you want to know more about this community, then please join the discord link at the bottom of the page! You must be 16+ to join, the reason of this is to decrease drama between kids and have members actually have fun without a little kid screaming in their ear! You will be interviewed within 24-48 hours, and no waiting for days on end to be trained either! The staff and I of Life RP can’t wait to have you!

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