PS4 Looking For A Crew/MC Then "The Evil Clowns" Is "IT"And we Are Recruiting!!!!


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We are a CREW/M/C and We do all missions ( Bunker,CEO,Hanger,Facility M/C ,Night Club) And More. We help lower lvls to make money and rank up.... regular activity, officer/management roles available. EST zone. all time zones welcome!! We Are Not TryHards (YOU WANNA BE AN A$$HOLE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE) WE HAVE "Car/Bike Shows And Bike Jousting".... We're Looking for MATURE Players!!! Preferably 14 and up!! LOW LVL'S WELCOME.We're a growing Crew SO COME GROW WITH US!!!! If interested contact me: wildwess, and let's start f*ckin sh*t Up and making some $$$$ And a NAME for ourselves in the GTA world!!!!!!
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Hi I'm definitely interested.

I'm always in need of help to sell businesses in freemode.

I am not new. Rank 648, been playing a while.

PSN: Loucas98
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