Xbox One Looking for Serious, Adult Heist Partners


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I'm a 32 year old who considers himself above average at GTAO. I've put a good amount of time in the game but would like to finish out all the heists and special missions with mature, reliable players. While still having fun and remembering that it's still a game and that's the whole point .

If I sound like a good fit for your crew, I'd love to hear more.

Nathaniel King

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Sup man, tbh I basically just wanna farm Doomsday Act 3 to make cash since it's probably the best way to do it if you're good enough to 2 man - talking up to $1m each per. I duo it all the time but I need more people that can handle it, hit me up if you're down. GT: Nadki


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Well if you want to crew up my crew is under reconstruction ive been working of hiest since they started. I havent done many of the doomsday but i want an excuse too.i make my money with ceo mc biz but its just a pass time. Hmu if youre interested. My crew is smallish now but im collecting good ppl over 18yrs old


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too many people forget its a game
my crew is growing every week we have low levels and some high level killing machines, we sleep on piles of money in our maze bank ceo surrounded by beautiful women
are we getting noticed yet ?
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