PS4 Looking to forge new alliances


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I'm the crew leader of T82R .inc, we are a crew of 11 as I post this, looking to join up with other crews regardless of size and stature to help each other out via CEO/MC/hiest work. My crew has 3 memebers and myself who are daily players each putting in 6+hours daily and are happy to accept help/help out other crews who get in contact.

Any crew leaders interested in some co-op opportunities drop by my social club account @True82religion and leave me a message.
(We are a ps4 crew)


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Im always down to assist and help out me and my crew can definitely be a gain add me up all on this threadPSN:Dabeastinsane94


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I dont get this crew alliance thing, your crew tag is just one tag so how do people know you are in an alliance with another crew.


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so you just add people as a friend so its not like the crew leader tells all of his crew, dont kill crew ........... we have an alliance with them. isnt that the same as just adding people you play with and get on with so you add them as a friend. I dont know it might work has anyone ever done this and found it works ?
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