PS4 Los Santos Realistic Roleplay : REBORN


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I sent in an application via email to join the police I watch bay area buggs all the time and would love to RP like that

john hamilton

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Character Name: James Wayne

Character Backstory:
One day I decided that I wanted to leave the hell hole, that is known as Florida. So I choose to move to the beautiful city of Los Santos to try and move up in the world. Having grown up in a survivalist family I had all the training needed to be come an excellent private security guard.

*Character Age DOB (Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY): 11/04/1992

*Character's Occupation: Security

*1-10 How into it are you trying to be (1=Troll 10=Extreme Realism): 10

Personal Info:
*PSN door5678
*Do you have a mic?: yes
*Discord (Name#1234): johnm4566#1078
*Time Zone: EST
*Availability= Days -(AM PM):weekends all day
Mon-fri 7pm-11pm
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*Character Name:
Abel Chavez

Character Backstory: All american boy. Grew up in Grapeseed. Got in to some trouble while young and trying to leave his past behind but cant. Looking for the last big score.

*Character Age DOB (Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY): 11/05/1978

*Character's Occupation: Mechanic

*1-10 How into it are you trying to be (1=Troll 10=Extreme Realism): hard 8.5

Personal Info: Abel Dominguez
*PSN: alchemist_neptik
*Age: 26
Email: neptik@gmail
*Do you have a mic?: yep.
*Discord (Name#1234): neptik#8710
*Time Zone: central
*Availability= Days -(AM PM): evening hours to late night. Most days.


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Character Name:Kona

Character Backstory: Ls having the highest crime rate in the rock star world and growing up an orphan in LS not knowing who killed his parents. Knowing only his first name, Kona decided to dedicate his life to stopping crime in Ls. Working multiple jobs to put himself through University before he found out he had a trust fund. He was able to get a degree in criminal justice along with a degree in the phycology of criminal behavior. Now armed with the knowledge to make a difference, Kona is currently waiting to be recruited as a Sheriff after passing all the nessecary recruitment processes

*Character Age DOB (Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY):05/10/1989

*Character's Occupation:waiting to be recruited by the Sheriff's Office

*1-10 How into it are you trying to be (1=Troll 10=Extreme Realism):8-10

Personal Info:
Email: konaking28@gmail
*Do you have a mic?:yes
*Discord (Name#1234):konaking#0935
*Time Zone: mountain time
*Availability= Days -(AM PM): depending on which season summer in the pm winter am or pm


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Character Name: Max Rosenfeld

Character Backstory: After a house fire claimed Max's only family, his sister. He decided to drop everything and start fresh, moving from Los Santos from San fierro, Max found himself at the mercy of the unforgiving City. With a desire to rise to great heights one day, he sets off on his journey in the Land of Opertunists.

Character Age DOB : 01/23/1999

Character's Occupation: Uber driver

1-10 How into it are you trying to be (1=Troll 10=Extreme Realism): 8

Personal Info:
PSN: Rusty-_-SnipZz00
Age: 20
Email: drumrollplease352@gmail
Do you have a mic?: yes
Discord (Name#1234): AngelOfSin#2870
Time Zone: Eastern
Availability= Days -(AM PM): around 7-10 hours a day.
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*Character Name:Gustav Lycan

Character Backstory:

*Character Age DOB:11/30/2004

*Character's Occupation:Security

*1-10 How into it are you trying to be (1=Troll 10=Extreme Realism):7

Personal Info:
*PSN:Gustavs Rencis
*Do you have a mic?:Yes
*Discord (Name#1234):BiggieCheese2763
*Time Zone:UTC +2
*Availability= Days -(AM PM):Thursday,Friday. 3PM


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Character Name: Maeve Kelly

Character Backstory: Affluent jetsetter parents were absent most of young Maeve’s life, sending her to an all girls boarding school in upstate New York. Having severed all ties to her family by deciding to go to art school, she’s now just trying to make it on her own in Los Santos. Accustomed to the high class, Maeve isn’t quite sure what she’s gotten herself into.

Character Age DOB: 10/05/1996

Character’s Occupation: Store Clerk/ Uber

How into it are you trying to be: 8-9

Personal Info:

PSN: musicsmygf

Age: 24


Do you have a mic?: Yes

Discord: ari#4453

Timezone: EST

Availability: Most evenings, Tues afternoons, Thurs anytime


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*Character Name: Jose Gutierrez

Character Backstory: family was in a gang and hes following in their footsteps

*Character Age DOB (Date of Birth 04/30/1997):

*Character's Occupation:uber

*1-10 How into it are you trying to be (1=Troll 10=Extreme Realism): 10

Personal Info:
*Do you have a mic?:
*Discord (Name#1234): killin_em408#3661
*Time Zone:
pacific time zone
*Availability= Days -(AM PM):
after 6 due to baseball practice


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Character Name: Flako

Character Backstory: flako is a young man from Midwest united states. He competed professionally as a flat track racer for a few years but couldn't make ends meet, so he moved to the coast to make a name for himself in the pro motocross circuit.

*Character Age DOB (Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY): 5/22/1996

*Character's Occupation: MottoX racer

*1-10 How into it are you trying to be (1=Troll 10=Extreme Realism): 8- real but fun kept in the game

Personal Info:
*PSN: Flako-MW
*Age: 21
*Do you have a mic?: yes
*Discord (Name#1234): Flako-MW#7004
*Time Zone: central
*Availability= Days -(AM PM): wed-friday any time and weekends after 3


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Character Name: Shawn hawks

Character Backstory: was raised in vice city dad used to be a air force pliot an thought me everything i know. Moved to LC to follow my teams my being a pliot but then the busy city was getting to much to handle. Moved to sandyshores to get away from it all and start my own heli tours or one day join the police for air one.

*Character Age DOB (Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY):07-03-89

*Character's Occupation:helicopter pliot

*1-10 How into it are you trying to be (1=Troll 10=Extreme Realism): 9

Personal Info:
*Age: 21
Email: tidawn15hotmailcom (wont let me put url)
*Do you have a mic?: yes
*Discord (Name#1234): tristen13#0899
*Time Zone: est
*Availability= Days -(AM PM most days after 3 any time on weekend


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*Character Name: Schrödinger Pavlo

Character Backstory: Son of multi-millionaire who decided to test his abilities in the field. Became the youngest Black Op in History and became a hitman for Rich people that don't want to dirty their own hands for a few years. Now Schrödinger wants to live and work in LS.

*Character Age DOB (Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY): 10/30/1990

*Character's Occupation: Blackwolf security, Mafia or anything related to guns

*1-10 How into it are you trying to be (1=Troll 10=Extreme Realism): 7-8

Personal Info:
*PSN: Superbun_TS
*Age: 22
*Do you have a mic?: yes
*Discord (Name#1234): Schroedinger#3067
*Time Zone: PST
*Availability= Days -(AM PM): Usually Tuesday and thursdays after 4PM as well as weekend.
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