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Status: Active Crew
Social Club: MERRYWEATHER-mwsf

Welcome to merryweather-mwsf! We are a military role-play/team oriented crew that has been active for 1+years! . Rest assured, once you join us you will always have a brother at your side!

As a military crew, we offer:
1) Structured Hierarchy and Ranking System – Each member in our crew has a purpose and a role to fill. The roles are versatile and will be assigned by what best fits YOU!
2) Crew Activities and Events – Our purpose as a crew first and foremost is the community. We offer a way to experience the GTA community on a new level. The mwsf is just the groundwork for greatness; the members make up the foundation and supports!
3) A team dedicated to one another – We encourage the interaction and development of lasting friendships and community. As a crew, we will always have each others backs. We will work together, play together, and fight together. We want to reward hard work and give YOU a new avenue to explore within GTA.

Application Guide:
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We ask all members to take the Oath of Allegiance to The Legion and Legion only. We swear to always watch one another on the battlefield and to never leave a man behind. We ask full loyalty and in return will give ours to you.

All members will be held to a high standard when it comes to The mwsf Willingness to follow orders, obey rules, and carry out your duties with honor and integrity are MUSTS.

A crew without teamwork is no crew at all. We expect our members to play as a team and with the team. We are asking you to join us – we want you to be a part of our activities so there is no room for lone wolves.

leadership fully understands the responsibilities of real-life. Our purpose is to enrich the gaming environment in which our members play. Under no circumstance do we want to boss you around or treat you as if this was the real world and we do not allow any kind of harassment within the crew. The mwsf is a professional crew with core values.••
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Leader of ARMY GANG NATION and i definitely think all of us on this thread have the same mindset crew wise and would make dope allies so add me up on PSN: Dabeastinsane94
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