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Hey guys!

Just posting a quick thread regarding a brand new RP I started. You guys probably see a lot of threads like this and think, omg not another RP! I understand if you're feeling that frustration, let me see if this thread changes your mind.

NextRP offers multiple features that benefits all members, non stop. We listen to user suggestions and are willing to try anything to make roleplaying a better experience for everyone. Some of the features we offer are;

  • Website,
  • Police, Fire & EMS Database (for records, etc),
  • Jobs (government and regular jobs),
  • Paid to Work (you're paid through our Discord server, in which you can use to gamble, purchase businesses in and around Los Santos, which will also produce income for yourself, and other things),
  • Driving Licenses (when you start in the RP, your classified as an unlicensed driver, don't get caught! It costs $50.00 over Discord to obtain a license and you receive your own, unique drivers license number),
  • Purchase businesses and receive extra income (like the yellow jack, get paid via Discord),
  • On the job training for each and every job (police, fire, ems, etc.),
  • Impound lot (pay via Discord to get your vehicle out),
  • And much more!
Currently the website is still under construction, but will be released soon. The website will have extensive information that will be useful to all members of the RP community. If you're interested, let me know by sending me a private message via GTA5 Crews forum or join our Discord server using this link: or you may send me a message on Xbox: JTRJ29.

NOTE: Databases for jobs are separate from each other so it’s less confusing. Police for example; will get their own login information to use the database service to validate any member such a check plates, licenses, and also have the option to input information into the database. The website AND databases were customly developed NOT using wix, weebly, or any other website building program! Made for NextRP by NextRP!

Thanks everyone, hope to see you there!
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Hey I'm a trained police officer familiar to rp, I was interested in joining your rp. Please get back to me asap I have discord and zello apps.
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