PC Nightwatch - GTA V MilSim - Recruiting (also recruiting Officers)


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Hello! I am Cravplay the Commander in Chief of Nightwatch.

What are we?

We are a paramilitary organization that does variety of missions and operations. If you are looking for a Military roleplay org then you have come to the right place.

Missions and Operations that we do?

Stop major crime and destructive players
Hunt Bountys (Bounty hunter division)
Go on operations that consist of different aspects. (mostly shooting)

Divisions of Nightwatch

Army - Main branch of Nightwatch, mainly go on operations the most and do ground combat.
Airforce - They go on Air-Air (dogfighting) missions Air-Ground (bombing)
Bounty Hunters - They go and kill players with a bounty
Security - Protect high ranking officials of Nightwatch
Field Training Officers (FTO) - Train recruits


We are recruiting all sorts of people, you don't need a mic, no age requirement, all you need to have is loyalty and respect. We are also recruiting Officers to help us out so if you are interested in becoming an officer and giving orders come speak with High Command.


Join our discord for further information! https://discord.gg/8cx5NUR


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Hello, I’m really interested in your crew and would like to join, but the discord link to your server has expired, is it possible that you can put a new one?


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I'm very interested in joining Chief of Nightwatch but your discord link is down like previously noted above me

Jackson Alpha

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21st Armed Forces
21st Armed Forces
-Discord- https://discord.gg/csWTbQA
Join the 21st armed forces today !
Become a SEAL or A Pilot , Or the Most important Infantry Group! We have it all here , Join today in this very RARE PC crew group!

We do regular Operations and Patrols on Public servers!

Join today and become part of the 21st armed forces .
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