PC Now Recruiting for San Andreas State of Emergency RP

Anthony Hawk

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We here at San Andreas State of Emergency RP are looking for new members who are the age of 14 and up, friendly, and active to join the server! We are now currently recruiting for ALL departments.

-San Andreas Highway Patrol
-Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
-Los Santos Police Department
-San Andreas Park Ranger/Game Warden
-San Andreas Fire and Rescue
-San Andreas Civilian
-San Andreas Communications

Our Community is fairly new and has been up and running for a couple months now. We are super excited to continue working towards a great future. The Server is LAMBDA menu based, as well as EUP with lots of new and exciting things that’s being added! If you are interested in joining please click the link to join our discord here: [ https://discord.gg/3AkRsTE ] For any questions, please contact a staff member in the discord. Thank you! SASERP
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