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[h2]Perfect World International by Perfect World Entertainment[/h2]​
Perfect World International is a 3D adventure and fantasy MMORPG. Players can take on various roles depending on choice of race and choice of class within that race.

Characters develop skills over time with experience and level up via questing rewards and can use and upgrade physical and magical weapons, and team up with other players to fight against monsters in instances, bosses on the open world as well as other players.

It was many moons ago when I first joined Perfect World and it was a big part of my life for a while. I heavily played it whenever I could and have been apart of the many different versions of the game.

Recently, I've installed the latest version New Horizons in hope to play it again but I'm currently having troubles accessing the account I had. Passwords and such. Anyway, back to the game. During your time in Perfect World, there will be many creatures and beasts you will come across and have to battle. How long it takes you to beat them depends on the protagonist character you choose (you're able to create multiple characters to explore the different styles etc). Here are the classes:

The human kind may seem kind of weak, but in Perfect World there's a few adaptations to allow your character to survive in the wild/PVP. The Human is in no way poor in power, not by a long shot. You can wield a blade and get up close to your target(s) or hang yourself back by choosing a wizard and casting damaging spells. Along with your weapons, your character class comes will special unique abilities and when you're level 30, you gain your first (FREE) flying mount - a gigantic flying sword.

[h2]Untamed - Two character styles can be chosen for the untamed class. I have separated them both because of my descriptions for both[/h2]
The Barbarian
Delve into your inner beast and unleash a mighty fury as a heroic untamed barbarian. By building up your might, you're able to crack open your sealed case, step into some hefty armour and take to the wilderness to defeat your foes. By default, your characters appearance is a human-tiger type figure. Stood on two legs of muscle, your untamed barbarian is the one to choose if you want to deal heavy damage and get the job done. At level 9, you complete a quest to open up your might and gain the transformation into a powerful, fearless white tiger. Along your journey throughout the land, you will gain special barbaric abilities to deal massive amounts of damage to your foe. There's two routes to take your barbarian - the true barbarian route (tanking) or giving some of your power up for an extra defence edge. Your defence should be pretty good as a tanker, and by dealing lots of damage - who needs to protect themselves?

You can choose between 4 different character visuals, tiger, wolf, lion or panda, but their transformations are the tiger.

The Venomancer
The Venomancer looks almost human but holds some special foxy features. The Venomancer isn't the frontal beast as you'd see from a barbarian, but her punch is still packed with power. She has abilities to fling toxic-type spells at her enemies and assure that her distance is kept so she can throw in some damage before they get close. The Venomancer is a foxy female who's special transformation is to that of a fox. Her damage is dealt with, not only her toxins, her pets also. She has the capability to attract any beast and turn them into pets, the higher the level and such the harder it is, but she is able to hatch pet eggs to fight with her if she is unable to capture them.

You can choose between many different looks to your venomancer and have a unique character indeed but they will always turn into a fox.

The untamed beasts get a FREE flying mount at level 30.

[h2]Winged Elf[/h2]
You're able to choose between 2 types of elves. You can either be an archer (attack) or a cleric (healer). An archer uses bows and arrows and so your stock must be full to get the most out of your weapon. Flying is limited with the archer - holding out using your MP. Once depleted, the archer elf must either use mana potions or meditate in order to accumulate more mana. It gradually increases no matter what. The cleric is a healer. It has fighting moves in order to survive, but is mostly useful as a healer. Special skills can be acquired to heal your friends whilst they battle for you. Fighting can be somewhat useful if healing isn't needed so a cleric is a friend to everyone! You are able to fly for however you like with a cleric - it does not consume mana.

Description coming soon.

Description coming soon.

[h2]Perfect World Entertainment[/h2]
PWI is owned and developed by PWE (Perfect World Entertainment). PWE also own a few other MMORPG's and also have rights to Star Trek Online and also Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter. Their list of games isn't huge but there's enough to applaud the studio.

If you have any spare time, why not check out their site here. You can also get to Perfect World International and try it out yourself.
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ill try it out but like the others im waiting for teso. i got into the teso beta and love it XD
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