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[Rxgue Protection Incorporated]

My name is SkySmashify, but you can just call me Sky. I've been around since last gen of GTA Online during the rife old PS3 days, but I've recently created a new crew- yesterday as of posting this infact- that I plan on getting off the ground. That, in turn, has brought me to this site.

A bit of backstory
Rxgue (pronounced 'Rogue') Protection Incorporated, otherwise known as Rxgue Inc, is a PS4 oriented crew (as of now), which is a branch of a community currently called Survivor's Refuge. Abbreviated to SR, this community was originally established by me a year ago for an unpopular MMORPG called Fallen Earth, and SR has since become one of the most active and prevalent clans within the game. We now stand at over 60 members (when at times there can be 60 players online in the game altogether), and I'm in the process of transferring clan leadership to another leader of the community due to computer restrictions. Unfortunately, Fallen Earth is a dying game as of current - although seeing a makeover from a new company - and so I'm seeking to expand the community to other games. I'm starting with GTA Online.

The premise for Rxgue Inc is to seek to help other players, and to offer players a friendly and enjoyable environment to play in. Rxgue Inc will offer many benefits to players as soon as it gets kicking, such as:
  1. Access to the crew / clan Discord server.
  2. A trustworthy crew to work and play with.
  3. The ability to take part in crew / clan events and operations.
  4. The ability to join other games which the community is active in.
  5. The chance to lead the GTA Online crew on other platforms, with permission and regular observation by me.
As of current, the community is only active in Fallen Earth and GTA Online, but we plan to change that in the near future.

[How do I join?]
To join, you can contact me on any of the accounts listed below - (listed in order of best to worst of how easily you'll get me)
  1. Discord (Hella Ella#8763)
  2. (EllaC)
  3. Playstation Network (PSN: SkySmashify)
  4. (SkySmashify)
  5. (SkySmashify)

Thank you for taking time to read my post. If you would like to know more about Rxgue Inc or Survivor's Refuge, please feel free to contact me on Discord and we can start a conversation.

Happy hunting!

Leader of Rxgue Protection Inc
Leader of Survivor's Refuge (community).
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