Race Request Thread


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Are you not savvy or determined enough to make your own race but have a great idea for one? Post it here and one of the creator's will look into making it.


that guy
lol dont kill his creativity or willingness to help.
on the xbox one console
i would like a stunt race with no tubes. a traditional xb360 ps3 type street race. just faster possibly with random npcs that are really wierd to jump scare the racers. 1 big fucking jump somewhere that is hard af to land. locked vechile tropos rally.

i'll put it in my crew meet next friday at 5pm cst you can play it with us and or i will record it and credit you for the map on youtube.
:Thelongpause: if you should accept my challenge
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^ You can't control the NPC's. Also if you lock it to one vehicle you don't get to choose customs. Maybe add the Tropos in too?

But yeah he's right, this is still a valid thread. Just don't expect responses from those that posted years ago.
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