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These rules are meant to help GTA V Crews maintain a fun and competitive environment without setting off too many fuses. Please understand that we don't want to silence your voices in anyway, but we do need to think of everyone. Following these simple rules will help everyone have a better time on the site.

Rules for GTA V Crews members

1. RESPECT everyone. Arguments and crew versus crew hype are acceptable, but to a limit. We don't want insults being taken to a new level of low!

2. Follow what the Staff (admins, mods) tell you to do. They're not here to tell you how to run your life or crew, but they are here to mediate and maintain a fun environment for everyone. Please listen to them if they provide you any feedback or criticism.

3. No nudity or XXX content. We're not an outlet for porn and having pornographic images/videos for crew info isn't encouraged on the site. Please keep it to your personal sites.

4. One account per household! If you have a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, or whatever then you need to make the account and have it cleared with an staff member. If it is not cleared or run by us we'll merge the accounts, ban the account, or delete the account. If you require a name change please speak to any staff member who has an "Admin" banner.

5. NO SPAM. We don't like it and many others don't like it. Spam is not just related to a flood of business/porn related messages it's also content that is just flooded in general. IE creating 100 posts about your crew within the same day or week. One thread will suffice!

6. Do not abuse the "report" button. It's not there to complain or listen to your bad day, it's there to report extremely offensive content or rule breakers.

7. No racial, sexist, or extremely negative topics. We're not here to judge anyone on nationality, sexual preferences, or gender. We're not a political forum either so please keep your political banter to a low here!​

These terms may be changed at any time without notice.


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please remove my membership from this organization, not into neo nazi's recruiting via GTA V

I am refering to the " protect your neck crew"


that guy
Nevermind I see. I asked him to go fuck himself with a sharp stick. But I doubt he'll be successful here gtavcrews is too classy.
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