PS4 Real Life Role Play (RLRP) is looking for players to fill various roles


Character's Name: Kboomh10
Character's Dob: 30/10/1995
Character's role: Civ
Character Background: An experienced bank robber who moved away from California to avoid the cops and became a powerful mafia member in los santos.


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Character's Name: Qethamyr
Character's Dob: 01/30/1992
Character's role: Civ/Thief/Bounty Hunter
Character Background: Military experience discharged due to constantly getting in trouble with the law so took up the beach life with petty robbery with a bit of bounty hunting on the side.


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Discord: shockscape #5243
PSN ID: shockscape

Character's Name: Levi Thomas
Character's Dob: 3/18/1999
Character's role: Civ
Character Background:
College dropout, small time criminal (selling pills)


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PSN : NotBino-
Character's Name: Bishop Gambino (aka Ape)
Character's Dob: 01/27/1996
Character's role: Civ
Character Background: Troubled past , Grew up in the Street Life , Gangbanger , Lives off of selling narcotics , robbing cars & Banks ,


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Name: Tiny Huff
Dob: 1/18/1984
Role: by day a long haul truck driver by night enforcer in a biker gang
Background: was a pretty average student and child growing up with the occasional violent outburst. After graduating from high school he went into the army infantry. He served his 6 years and after an honorable discharge he started driving truck as a means to get away from what he saw in the war (2 tours of Iraq and 1 in Iran). Shortly after he returned from the war he joined up with his old high schools biker gang where he feels the most comfortable and has an outlet for his rather increasing violent outbursts.


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Name: Tim Horton
DoB: Apr 20 1993
Role: Civ
Background: Recent Immigrant from Canada trying to make his mark by becoming the biggest pot dealer around. Heavy gambler, Impulsive

psn pidgeottoice
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