Reapers MC | Est. Jan 2015 | 18+ | TS/Discord | Daily Events | “Loyalty, Brotherhood, Mayhem”

Reapers MC

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We are Reapers MC, a 1% Motorcycle Club founded in January 2015.

Three active charters across PC and Playstation 4

Loyalty, Brotherhood, Mayhem are our words and the code we live by.

Our club is built upon respect, respect for each other and respect for our clubs values.

Must be 18+ and have a working microphone.

Click here and request an invite to become a REAP Hangaround

You will be directed to our "Join Us" page, simply select PC or PS4

PC: Reap Nation Discord - You will be contacted when you enter

PS4: Reapers MC PS4 Instagram - Please send a message and you will be contacted by a member or officer of the club before being accepted into this crew.

It is advised that you read our bylaws and weapons/vehicle clause before joining.

Hangarounds must attend at least one church meeting for a chance to join our club.


Explosives (except on armored or military grade vehicles.)

All military grade and armored vehicles are banned.

Reapers fight using a strict 1% style of fighting.

Assault Rifles
Pump Action Shotguns
Pistols & SMG's
Sniper Rifles*

*marked weapons are used as escalation weapons only and should be used only in retaliation

Motorcycles to be used are LCC/Western

Liberty City Cycles:
Avarus, Hexer, Innovation, and Sanctus.
The Western Motorcycle Company: Bagger, Cliffhanger, Daemon (both versions), Gargoyle, Nightblade, Rat Bike, Sovereign, Wolfsbane, Zombie Bobber, and Zombie Chopper.

Events are decided on a weekly basis at church by all those present including Hangarounds and Prospects

- PVP Night
- Race Night
- Playlists
- Themed Nights
- MC Wars
- Fight Club
- Ride Practice
- Jousting
- Club Night
- GTA Minigames
- Bike/ Shows
- Money Making
- Heists

As well as other activities such as:

- Poker Night
- Table Top Games & Other Online Games
- Movie Night
- D&D

And other games such as:

- Destiny 2
- Red Dead Redemption 2
- Fall Out '76
- Brawlhalla
- Conan
- Scum
- Five M

YouTube -

Instagram -

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