PS4 Recruiting Fo USMC roleplay


Talking Troll
United States Marine Corps are look for the most Elite to join. Must be willing to do the unthinkable at anytime, anyplace, under the most harsh conditions. If you think that is you, Contact General Duncan CMC Cpt. Reggie Regne#3054 or GySgt. Harmon bharmon_16#5056 for more Details if you can’t reach us there you can message GySgt. Harmon on his cell at 832-971-2827 or Gen Duncan at his cell 678-832-9063 just let thim know who you you are and what you are contacting him for. You must have Discord in order to continue with this group.
‘this is not the real United States Marine Corps. This is a RP community created to have fun and server in our own way. Any disrespect towards any branch will not be tolerated and dealt with accordingly’ :Note their are real Marines playing the Game in this Server Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated by anyone. This is also an educational game server to help Civilians learn and Understand the Marine Corps from those who work everyday. Thank you for your time and Feel free to ask questions”
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