Xbox One Restless MC Recruiting (Free-aim/FAA, Active) Now in both GTAO & RDO

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I just want to say that Nugsy and all the other members of Restless MC are a great and dedicated group of guys. I approached them as a level 11 a little over three weeks ago and now thanks to all their help I'm now at level 52 and 10 days with my prospect patch. I would urge anyone that's at least 18 years old looking for a crew, that they will find none better than Restless MC.

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XBox One : Nugsy 1
Well he's got his full patch now ^ Welcome Foos!

Want in? Drop a message here, or on XBL but only if you're an active adult with a mic.
Those that add me and send nothing get nothing. Those that message me will get reply, but only when I see them on GTA.

Our ideal candidates would be those that are often on GTA. They don't have loads of other games and won't disappear when the next title comes along.
They don't have lots of XBL friends that are likely to just jump on in the party. They're not too boisterous on a mic but will join in the banter.
When I say banter I mean playful digs at each other (NSFW). A good candidate will take it on the chin and throw it back without crossing lines.

That right there ^ is what it's about. Obviously we need to get along with each other. The rest doesn't matter as much.
We don't go taking over lobbies (though neither do most of those that claim they do). We don't pander to people's demands to make money.
We DO help make money with those down with the club and it's members. I'm just saying we're not here to use for your own ends ....

... We're here for each other. We're here for life.


Another fun weekend for the members... this week we had a challenge to create a game to showcase the new dripfeed vehicles. Most chose to incorporate the new Weeni Issi into a race or GTA Race. Fun was had by all.

We are also most of theway through our golf knockout competition. Suitable attire and car essential! The LS golf club won't allow the bikes in the car park!

Hangarounds and Prospects are always welcome to participate in our challenges. Hit up a member to get involved and join us for the next round!

Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1
^ Nice one Sven. I was literally about to post that...

Pause to read the newspaper article! Or see the description on Youtube when you like & subscribe!

Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1
We just patched in our latest member last night - TestyViking.
One prospect remaining at the moment ...

Last week we had a challenge to make the best job in creator. We played through them all last night. All good fun.


Today marks my one year anniversary as a full patch member of Restless MC. Forget your rank, forget your K/D. If you love GTA online as we do and are looking for a tight knit crew that is active EVERY day, Restless MC is where it’s at. The crew is 4+ years old, and I’ve just done my first of many years to come, so take my word for it. If you’re 18 or older with a mic, and aren’t a complete dickhead, hit us up.

Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1
That's now two new full patch members and two prospects.
Looking for a good bunch that only plays GTA? Read our requirements in the OP and apply here or on XBL.


Lmfao. Really? FAA? Kids like that ruined Free Aim. Either play Free Aim properly or play Auto Aim..
Thanks for that deep intellectual insight. The "kids" of Restless MC, whom I'll almost guarantee are older than you (possibly some double your age), thank you for parading your ignorance on their thread. Now run along you knuckle-dragging neanderthal, mummy's calling. Try not to trip over your bottom lip.
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