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Lets cut to the main thing. SAADG, or San Andreas Air Defence Group is recruiting members with any kinds of skillsets. Like flying? Good. Don't like flying? join our (secondary) ground force, become a bomber gunner, air traffic controller, infantry or a search and rescue crew member!

To those who like flying, this is the very crew you're looking for. Joining the crew, you may become a bomber pilot, ground attacker or dedicated air superiority pilot, and in most cases you will even get to choose your coffin vehicle from a variety of aircraft!

Not interested in combat? We still got a place for you! As mentioned before, we recruit air traffic controllers, but what we didn't mention is, that we indeed have an aerobatic team! No guns needed! But in order to join the aerobatic team you must meet certain standards, and your flying will be inspected by the trainers, officers and fellow aerobatic team members.

All recruits go through basic training depending on the role they choose. More than one training session is recommended to all. Trained members will be able to take part in operations and combined arms trainings (C.A.T:s). Troops ad pilots who show special skill or activity will be promoted, thus, gaining more power and respect in the unit.

Full REALISM isn't our goal. Joking is allowed, as long as it doesn't make completing the objective harder or impossible (so don't teamkill). Anyhow, discipline is required. Interested? Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/URNUxah
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