Xbox One SABL RP


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Do you want a GTA 5, Xbox one roleplay community with daily roleplays, a CAD system and many departments to join to suit you? SABL RP is recruiting now and has just that! The discord server boasts departments such as: LSPD BCSO SAHP BCAU SAFD~EMS CIVILIAN With many more departments having unique sub-divisions to suit you and your preferences. These include the various branches in state. Our scenario level system allows role-players of all skill levels to do a range of scenes and activities such as jobs . Ranging from just starting basic traffic stops, all the way up to owning your own criminal enterprise, where you can hire associates to do the dirty work for you. Our team of highly experienced staff ensure roleplays are fun and realistic and that the server runs efficiently. Our RPs are hosted around the Blaine Country region ranging from the peaceful Paleto Bay to the rampant city of Sandy Shores. Our CAD system ensures the roleplays are organised and professional and is available for all departments. It is used by the police and sheriffs as a database and the civilians to make a custom criminal profile . All new recruits will be given expert training and experience that will equip them to efficiently go out into San Andreas and protect civilians. Requirements to join this server are to have an Xbox one, Xbox live and a working mic. What are you waiting for join our recruitment server now!!! We also have a website that you can check us out at:
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