SAES is the most realistic experience for anyone looking for a real life roleplay experience in GTA V. There is a realistic CAD/MDT. There are many different sub-divisions for LEO. I currently am LEO, so I do not know much about civ. But the staff is very helpful and are always accepting new staff members. Come and give us a shot. There is SRU, Gang unit, Homicide, A realistic economy system, warrants, and a court system in development. Join the recruitment discord here. Hope to see you around.
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San Andreas Emergency Services is looking for members to join one of the following departments :

Blaine County Sheriff Department - (CLOSED)

San Andreas State Troopers -(CLOSED)

San Andreas State Judge - (CLOSED)

San Andreas Communications - (CLOSED)

San Andreas Fire & Rescue - (CLOSED)

Civilian - (OPEN)

We offer tons of opportunities, abilities and multiple perks to improve your RP experience within the community, such as:
Multiple Sub Divisions for Law Enforcement -

CAD/MDT with discord integration -

Civilian Levels -

Economy System -

Experienced Community Members -

Knowledgeable Staff Team -

Specialized Training Courses -
Daily Roleplays -

Zello for LEO communication -

Dispatch Team -

And many more!

The Only Requirements our community asks is that you MUST be 15 years old or older, Must have prior Roleplay experience, And with our community based on American time zones and the majority of our members are American, we ask you at least be from the USA. exceptions will be made. OUR CAD IS ALSO NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE COMMUNITY, WE ADVISE YOU MUST HAVE A COMPUTER, LAPTOP, OR TABLET. If you have any questions or would like to join our community, please join our Recruitment server for more:
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