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SADPS (San Andreas Department of Public Safety)

SADPS is a Grand Theft Auto V roleplaying group, we are very much similar to the popular DOJ and OCRP. We thrive to fit the needs of everybody and our system is that created a long time ago, we are always open to change and we constantly update our rules and how we run to suit everyone.

We have a great, and patient staff-team who will cater to your every need and will help you take the leap into roleplaying. We are not bothered if you have never roleplayed before we are here to train you into becoming the best roleplayer you can be!

SADPS has its very own economy. Meaning, there are jobs available that a player can work in RP to earn a wage and increase their net worth, buy property, or items from our in-RP store that your character can use in the session. Whatever you choose to do, being from an honest working citizen, a criminal or a Police Officer, your decisions affect your character as they would in real life.

CIVILIANS: Can choose to work a job, buy re estate, start a business or even embark on a career in crime.

LAW ENFORCEMENT: You choose to stand for justice, to protect and serve, to uphold the law. You will receive training for one of our many departments, patrol, conduct traffic stops, arrests, serve warrants and keep the State of San Andreas Safe. We also offer the role of DISPATCH.

FIRE/EMS: You choose to serve the community and protect its citizens from the harms of natural disasters and provide medical aid to those in need. You work closely with Law Enforcement and the citizens of San Andreas.

How do I apply/join?

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This community has grown tremendously in the last few months and I couldn't be prouder to be a part of it. Each and every one of our members are truly valuable and we couldn't have such growth without them. I hope that if you are reading over this thread that you give SADPS a shot.

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