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The Department of Public Safety Community has been active with over 11+ years of experience ever since the release of Grand Theft Auto IV back on the PlayStation 3 system. We have a team of dedicated members that will treat all community members as equals, but to improve the way how roleplay is maintained and by having fun and be realistic as possible. We want to be a roleplaying community that allows people to show their full potential. All of the listed departments are recruiting for members to apply and join immediately. We are considered to be one of the fewest communities to accept anyone from all locations around the globe. We promote equally and fairly through our community to ensure that members receive their goal as a role-player as they please. We are consistently updating our roleplaying server and website to ensure that the role-play experience is always professional, realistic and extremely fun for everyone. The Department of Public Safety is the best roleplaying community, with over 50+ members and we always patrol with pride, duty and respect making us who we are today.


Experience is always a plus, but we are more interested in one's ability to follow orders, be professional, and actively participate in community events. The Department of Public Safety is a roleplaying community on Grand Theft Auto 5 that allows members to role-play their desired character to the life in the State of San Andreas on the PlayStation 4 System. The community wants to make sure that members are happy with the choices they are given, and providing satisfaction at the same time. And member relations is based on how members can get along with other members without the use of drama, conflict or violence in that case but making sure that everyone is given the opportunity to remain happy and safe in DPS. We expect to give opportunities here in DPS that makes us feel like a unique community that is focused on goals and improvement. We have departments that members can choose from and can really decide if they would like to transfer from a particular department and to a more focused path to become someone that they chose to be.

Current Departments Available:

We are truly a realistic and fun roleplaying group that is currently looking for new active members. Come be a part of a growing community with plenty of leadership opportunities. We are constantly on the lookout for and rewarding excellent performance. We hope to achieve an innovate change in the way roleplaying is done, to deliver the highest quality experience for our members. We are looking for more personnel to fill the slots of Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Dispatching Communications and Civilian Operations. We strive to keep our roleplaying server 100% serious and fun roleplay. We are looking to create the most professional and have a fun environment for everyone to come and to enjoy the roleplay experience.


Current Departments Hiring Positions:
Los Santos Police Department - [LSPD] [HIRING]
Blaine County Sheriff's Office - [BCSO] [HIRING]
San Andreas Highway Patrol - [SAHP] [HIRING]
San Andreas Rescue - [SAFD/SAR] [HIRING]
San Andreas 9-1-1 Communications Center - [SACC] [HIRING]
San Andreas Civilian Operations - [SACO] [HIRING]

We encourage our members to become creative and active within their roleplaying career with us. We require our members to attend roleplaying sessions where they can actually feel like home and as a family.

We want to value roleplay into creating an environment where our roleplaying community can actually grow into fruition, but we structure our rules and regulations so that the community server is functionally as well in a smooth manner. Our long-term goals include a full economy - ability to buy and sell houses/apartments, businesses throughout the State of San Andreas. People who are roleplaying as civilians can receive paychecks to spend on items such as new vehicles, vehicle repairs and the best weapon arsenal money can buy!

Requirements to Join Our Roleplaying Server will be listed below
  1. You must have a Copy of Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 4 System.
  2. You must have PlayStation Plus + Membership.
  3. You must be at least 13 years of age to join us.
  4. You must have a PS4 Compatible Headset for communication.
  5. You must be willing to display a mature, professional and respectful attitude towards other members.
  6. You must be willing to follow orders from high ranking officials.
  7. You must have a discord username # for communication use.
For more information concerning about the PS4 roleplaying community please contact @ GANGSTER3418 or add GANGSTER3418#0635 on discord.

Interviews is apart of the recruitment process, failure to do an interview the applicant will not move forward to the next step of the recruitment process.
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