PS4 San Andreas DPS RP Recruitment


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Out Of Character (OOC)
Name: keiron
Age: 32
PSN: kermity2k2
Role Play experience: 0

In Character (IC)
Name: Keiron
Age: 32
Job/Career/Money Source: Civ. Gambling and low crime.
Bio: from the UK. Caught smuggling and has done some time. Now released, he needs to the cash to get a flight back home.
Personality: chilled
Vehicle: any

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Out Of Character (OOC)
Age: 29
PSN: faded-smiles
Discord: Heather #0154
Role Play experience: None in GTA, but I've seen a few videos! It looks like a lot of fun. C: I've also been RPing via writing since I was fifteen. I hope it's okay to bring in Murdoc, seeing as he's Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett's character from the fictional band Gorillaz, but I'm more fond of depicting canon characters over OCs. If not, I understand!

In Character (IC)
Murdoc Niccals
Age: 53
Job/Career/Money Source: Civilian who manages to be an Uber driver during his rare moments of sobriety. He also gets royalty checks from his band's music, though they're currently on hiatus.
Bio: Growing up in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, Murdoc never had many opportunities outside of pumping petrol. His drive and shady dealings led him to having a successful career in music. But nobody stays on top forever. Since he never was the kindest bloke, he is trying to channel his energy into a more positive way of living in San Andreas, claiming he's Murdoc 2.0. Bad habits die hard, though.
Personality: Outgoing, moody, and an egomaniac
Vehicle: Enus Huntley S


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Who We Are

The San Andreas Department of Public Safety Community has been active with over 11+ years of experience ever since the release of Grand Theft Auto IV back on the PlayStation 3 system. We have a team of dedicated members that will treat all community members as equals, but to improve the way how roleplay is maintained and by having fun and be realistic as possible. We want to be a roleplaying community that allows people to show their full potential.

We promote equally and fairly through our community to ensure that members receive their goal as a role-player as they please. We are consistently updating our roleplaying server and website to ensure that the role-play experience is always professional, realistic and extremely fun for everyone. We currently have over 40+ members and actively recruiting. We always roleplay with pride, duty and respect making us who we are today.


We want to become a roleplaying community on Grand Theft Auto 5 that allows members the ability to role-play their desired character within the State of San Andreas. The community wants to make sure that members are happy with the choices they are given, and providing satisfaction.

Current Departments Available:

We are truly a realistic and fun roleplaying group that is currently looking for new active members. Come be a part of a growing community with plenty of leadership opportunities. We are constantly on the lookout for and rewarding excellent performance. We hope to achieve an innovate change in the way roleplaying is done, to deliver the highest quality experience for our community.

We do also have real-life first responders within our roleplaying community meaning real law enforcement officials, firefighters and pandemics. We have members ranging from the United States , Canada , Puerto Rico , the United Kingdom , The Netherlands , Norway and Australia . We are looking to expand further in the best way possible. We operate between Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern time via US.


Current Departments Hiring Positions:

Los Santos Police Department - [LSPD] [HIRING]
Blaine County Sheriff's Office - [BCSO] [HIRING]
San Andreas Highway Patrol - [SAHP] [HIRING]
San Andreas Fire Rescue - [SAFD/SAFR] [HIRING]
San Andreas 9-1-1 Communications Center - [SACC] [HIRING]
San Andreas Civilian Operations - [SACO] [HIRING]

We want to value roleplay into creating an environment where our roleplaying community can actually grow into fruition.

Our long-term goals include a full economy - ability to buy and sell houses/apartments, businesses throughout the State of San Andreas. People who are roleplaying as civilians can receive paychecks to spend on items such as new vehicles, vehicle repairs and the best weapon arsenal money can buy!
Requirements to Join Our Roleplaying Server will be listed below
  1. You must have a Copy of Grand Theft Auto V for the PlayStation 4 System.
  2. You must have PlayStation Plus + Membership.
  3. You must be at least 13 years of age to join us.
  4. You must have a PS4 Compatible Headset for communication.
  5. You must be willing to display a mature, professional and respectful attitude towards other members.
  6. You must be willing to follow orders from high ranking officials.
  7. You must have a discord username # for communication use.
For more information concerning about the PS4 roleplaying community please contact @ GANGSTER3418 or add GANGSTER3418#0635 on discord.

Roleplay Roles:
We are currently looking for!

Civilians: Civilians basic roles are to establish their own life inside of the RP server. This can be opening businesses, establishing gangs, ETC. (Starting wage: 100$ per day without a job, once you have a job wages will be discussed!)

Police Officers: To provide the community of SADPS with a safe environment with professional quality police service through positive interaction with its citizens.
What we do and want to become is at the core of the mission statement.A mission statement also allows us to maintain direction, eliminate complacency and remain focused on our goals (Starting wage of a Cadet 300$ per day, once you move up in the ranks your paycheck will increase!)

are primarily responsible for responding to fires, accidents and other incidents where risks are posed to life and property. Firefighters work on a variety of emergencies, from chemical spills to water rescue. Putting out structure fires, Car accidents, Natural disasters, Medical emergencies, Water rescues, Hazardous materials incidents.

Ubering: As an uber you drive other civilians around and make sure that their experience is pleasurable. Your starting wage for this job is 50$ per day but you also can request tips from the customers and charge your set fee for the distance you had to drive them.

Lawyers: As a lawyer your job is to help clients that are being incarcerated and need legal help. You will also be needed if someone is going on trial. Your starting wage for this job is 900$ per day. You can also be commissioned by the client if they choose to do so.

Towing: As a tow truck driver you must have your own tow truck (purchasable online) Your duties as a tow truck driver would be to do repossessions and help police impound vehicles that are warranted to be impounded. The starting wage for this job is 125$ per day but can be increased dependent on the amount of jobs you have that session.

We have daily sessions! This schedule is a rough estimate of the times we start the sessions! All of these times are to be assumed CST. We may start before or after the set times depending on the moderators schedules.

Monday: Recruitment/Training
Tuesday: 6:30pm Central - 10:30pm
Wednesday: 6:30pm Central - 10:30pm
Thursday: Fire Department Training
Friday: 6:30pm Central - 10:30pm
Saturday-Sunday: 6:30pm Central - 10:30pm

Out Of Character (OOC)
Role Play experience:

In Character (IC)
Job/Career/Money Source:
Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals):
Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc):
Out Of Character (OOC)
Name: Jasper
Age: 19
PSN: Slothfeg
Role Play experience: 0 new to it but i have watched alot about it and really want to try

In Character (IC)
Name: Rayden Weller
Age: 23
Job/Career/Money Source: drug dealer or uber
Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals): Rayden has always lived a normal life with not much excitement but moving to LA he wants to start at new even if it means starting from the bottom, he dreams are to get his dream cars and own his own car business.
Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc): Chill , open minded , cunning
Vehicle: Brioso R/A and Zircontum Stratum


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Out Of Character (OOC)
Name: Chris
Age: 27
PSN: AboGibbo
Role Play experience: been roleplaying since i was 13years old over a various range of games

In Character (IC)
Name: Jack Valhoun
Age: 27
Job/Career/Money Source: Civilian/Hustler
Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals): Jacks childhood was rough, grew up under his mother and Step fathers house, Jacks family grew up rough and poor always doing what needed to be in order to be able to Eat and get by day to day, as Jack grew up and his Step fathers addiction took over, Jack soon was exposed to the streets by trye Age of 10 slinging rough cut dime bags and whatever else he could scrap up to make money, 5years on Jacks Mother and StepFather die of a OD, leaving jack to defend for himself in doing so Jack does what needs to be done to make his Coin no matter how gritty and dirty the job may be, Jack just wants a bright future and to be able to hold his own and have the luxarys and nice things other people have.
Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc): outgoing and humble
Vehicle: Pushbike/Steeet bike


Talking Troll
Out Of Character (OOC)
Role Play experience:little willing to learn and train

In Character (IC)
Name: Ramaj
Job/Career/Money Source:Criminal/gang member
Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals):
Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc):
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