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--------San Andreas Finest--------
Hello! I am Lewis from SAF recruitment team, I am here to get members for a realistic and exciting roleplay group. We have 4 departments you can choose from, they are:
- Blaine County Sheriffs Office
- San Andreas Highway Patrol
- Blaine County Fire/EMS department
- Civilian
We use CAD/MDT to..
For police:
- Run names/plates
- Log arrests/responses
For Civilian:
- Register Vehicles/Firearms
- Create Characters
We hope you may choose to join our roleplay group!
Reply to join
Thanks for reading!
- Lewis
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Hello, today I am announcing the newest recruitment phase for SARP. SARP is a RP community for console. The PS4 Server currently has 200+ active members. However today I am recruiting for XBOX. We NEED members. We have a DOJ STYLE CAD, GOVERNMENT, MULTIPLE DEPARTMENTS, PROFESSIONAL DISCORD, ETC. All you have to do is message @governor valentino on Discord and he will get you set up. I promise you will enjoy your experience here. Thank you.


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San Andreas' Finest is now accepting applications!
S.A.F. is a SERIOUS Xbox One - GTA V Emergency Services role-play community. They offer positions everywhere from law enforcement to civilians, and everything in-between.
Go to the website listed below to apply!

Positions -
  • San Andreas State Police (Full)
  • Blaine County Sheriff's Office
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Los Santos County Fire & Rescue (Volunteer Only) (Full)
  • Communications
  • Civilians (Part Time Only)
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