PS4 San Andreas Role Play (SARP) Rules


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I got most of these rules from the guys over at FiveRP, but hey, they're good words to live by!
**(Rules subject to change as this is a new and forming community)

1. Community Respect

This is the first and most important rule, as most (if not all) other rules fall under this one. You should be respectful to other players and administrators. You should always keep in mind that whatever you do in-game, it should not infringe on others' capacity to enjoy the game.

Do Not:

  • Repeatedly send someone angry or offensive out-of-character messages because of an in-character subject or event.

  • Deliberately argue with an administrator because you disagree with a administrative ruling.
2. Deathmatching

Killing another player's character for little or no in-character reason is strictly forbidden. Deliberately attempting to incite a fight with little to no reason is likewise not allowed.

Do Not:

  • Stroll up to another player and start insulting them in-character with the sole intention of escalating the situation to a fight.

  • Shoot or punch a random player to death with no justifiable in-character reason.

  • Use a vehicle to plow through a group of people with no justifiable in-character reason.
3. Revenge Killing

You are not allowed to seek out and/or kill anyone involved with your character's death. When you are killed, your character loses all memory leading up to and including their death unless they were rescued by paramedics. This may involve no longer knowing or recognizing your killer(s) after dying. You must also do your absolute best to avoid the player(s) who killed you for at least 48 hours, and definitely not kill them, provoke them, or otherwise engage them in any role play situation.
Do Not:

  • Track down the individual(s) responsible for your character's death (you lost memory of the situation).
4. Acknowledging Out of Character Chat

Players have the right to ignore other players' out-of-character discussions if they wish, unless it is to ask why they were killed. However, players are not permitted to ignore administrators’ communication or rulings.

Do Not:

  • Avoid out-of-character communications with a administrator or administrators.

  • Avoid answering a player who asks you why you killed them.

  • Spam someone in order to avoid roleplaying with them simply because it doesn't fit your character's agenda.
5. Committing Crimes in Unrealistic Areas

Committing any type of obvious crime in a conspicuous area (such as a bank, police station, hospital or any other obviously populated area) is forbidden. The following areas are considered unrealistic areas to commit a crime: All banks, car dealerships, vehicle rental locations, police / sheriff stations, fire departments, hospitals, fish sell points, two pier fishing locations, the Los Santos International Airport, trucker depot and Legion Square.

If someone has already committed a crime and the roleplay is taken to such an area, it may be acceptable.

**Note: Some big roleplay situations such as bank heists/etc. may be acceptable if Admin is present and it is discussed beforehand

Do Not:

  • Rob somebody standing in front of the bank, police station or hospital.

  • Attempt to kidnap somebody in front or inside of a heavily populated area.
6. Contracted Killings or Assassinations

No organization is permitted to have “contract killing” as their sole focus. Specific members of organizations recognized by the administration may be able to participate in contract killing. Such members must be vetted and approved by organization staff, and only a limited number from accredited organizations are allowed to apply.

7. Administrator Instructions/Rulings

Administrator instructions or rulings are final and nonnegotiable. If an administrator’s ruling seems to have been made in error, the dispute should be handled outside of the game via a staff complaint on the forum.

8. Suicide/Logging to avoid Roleplay

You are not allowed to kill your character, log off or forcibly re-spawn to avoid situations. If you have to log off but you are in the middle of a roleplay situation, you will need to get permission from all parties involved before doing so. If you commit a crime, you must wait twenty minutes prior to logging off.

9. Failure to Roleplay / Unrealistic Roleplay

Failing to roleplay is strictly forbidden. SARP is a roleplay server; you're expected to be roleplaying at all times. If a situation presents itself where rules are broken, roleplay first, report later. Abusing in game physics or mechanics to gain an edge over another player will result in punishment.

Do Not:

  • Continuously type in out-of-character chat while another player is trying to roleplay with you.

  • Roll your vehicle in a pursuit and then use in game mechanics to flip it on its roof and continue driving.

  • Disregard happenings that would result in the death of your character (falls from substantial heights, head shots, fires, head-on collisions, train collisions, etc.) regardless of your OOC health / armor level.

  • You have been shot in the leg yet you keep running acting like nothing has happened.

  • Stop roleplaying and complain in OOC chat because a rule was broken during the roleplay.
10. Role Playing a Character Under the Age of 16

Do not roleplay a character under the age of 16 years old.


  1. If you die IMMEDIATELY record your gameplay(PS4 SHARE features) of the last ______mins. Before your death. If you do not this could result in a permadeath for your character.

  2. Once your character respawns, return to the EXACT place you died (there will be a black “ X “ on the map) and wait for a Paramedic/Fire, Police Officer, Detective, or Admin to come to the scene. **MAKE SURE TO TURN ON PASSIVE MODE

  3. PERMADEATH-Once a character dies, they are forever gone as in real life. This DOES take place. Although it is noted exceptions might have to be made depending on how/why it happened

  4. Any time a death log appears on screen a “Police Report” must be filled out. Obviously if you want to be a good sport and fill out a Police Report for yourself it would help out and be much appreciated. Anyone is Welcome to fill out a report.
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