PS4 San Andreas Role Play


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Hello, I am recruiting for the San Andreas role play group. Apply now, details in the bottom

Available Jobs

-Criminal (not in a gang)
-Store clerk
-Sales person
-Truck driver
-Vanilla Unicorn worker
-Bar tender

Out of character
-Discord name with #

In character
-Plans for the future

K. Cook

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Out of character
-Name Kobe C.
-Age 17
-Discord name with # BuddahPlayz#5244

In character
-Name Kobe Johnson
-Age 23
-Job Gangs
-Backstory Grew up his whole life in the hood, he had it rough. Who didn't? Everything was always going wrong, his dad died to the streets when he Kobe was 4, his sister overdosed. Its just him and his mom, doing whatever he can to scrape by. He has amazing racing skills, and can use a gun very well. He is a born leader, and he is apart of the 1900 Cryps, about to take over all of LS.
-Plans for the future Unknown at this point.
-Personality Caring, he has a good and bad side. You decide which one comes out with your actions.


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Out of cahracter
-Name Andrew Steele
-Agw 13 turning 14 -Discoerd name with # Andrewst#2524

In charcter
-Name Max Steele
-Age 20
-Job Taxi or Uner
-Baxkstory He grew up in Liberty City when Niko Bellic was famous for his acts, his parents rose him in a rich family, he was scared of the gangs around him but what he didn’t blinks was that he boils the leader of one when he grows up. His parents took note of this and then travelled to San Andreas, this is where he grew up. His Mother sadly died in a car crash featuring Carl Johnson and Big smoke during a car chase, he still doesn’t know how that was physically possible for his mother to die but not the others. He then had to travel back to Liberty City as his father found out that his job place has been robbed of, the Liberty City bank. This meant that Max had to leave his friends for 6 years and travel back. At 19, he travelled back to San Andreas because Liberty City got very boring to him. What he didn’t know was that he would meet his best mate for a while before they had to part ways. Max them meets Lamar and then his life takes a big turn.
-Plans for the future become a billionaire
Personality Enthusiastic, he is always ready for a heist or a mission and will not stop no matter what obstacle he faces.


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Out of character
-Ben Hoffman
Age 13
Discord name #RaDe_quick
In character
Name: Tony Espinacci
Backstory: My father was The Godfather in our mafia and I was raised by him and all of his goons texting me everything someone like me would need to do, shoot, drive, and bribe the fuzz. He passed away 4 years ago and I am here to follow his footsteps.
Plans for future: to become the leader of the mafia
Personality: Lomé wolf and doesn’t give a crap


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Name: Gavin Mcvearry
Age: 17
Discord name: Alucard4203 #6725
Name: Larry Walker
Age: 47
Backstory: Divorced and broke after a long career in major league baseball. Turns to selling drugs and weapons to supplement his income.
Personality: Nice to most but very agrresive and angry at times. Has violent tendancies and a history of abuse towards women
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Out of character
-Name-JoJo Baeza
-Discord name with#-THATONEGAMER#1493

In character
-Name-Jo beard
-Backstory-was adopted at birth and lived in the city with new family for the rest of his child hood then moved out and became a cop.
-Plans for the future-to become a very successful cop
-Personality-very relaxed but dose job.
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