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San Andreas Roleplay©
Realism | Professionalism | Respect
Welcome to the SARP Recruitment Thread! Are you looking for the largest roleplay community on Xbox One? Well, you have came to the perfect place; SARP is an amazing step into the roleplay community providing you the best experince on Xbox One!

We have 600+ MEMBERS in our community with staff members active 24/7 all around the world! We constantly have roleplay sessions on going most of the time with fully lobbies! When we get full lobbies, we have set up a SECOND sever to accomodate the demand! It really is an amazing atmosphere!

SARP established on August 8th, 2017 and are the LARGEST ROLEPLAY COMMUNITY ON XBOX ONE! - and we still are gowing bigger each day!

We have 8 differnent departments!

Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)
San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP)
Blaine County Sheriffs Department (BCSO)
Sandy Shores Police Department (SSPD)
San Andreas Fire Department (SAFD)
911 Communications
Civilian Operations
We also have 10+ sub-divisons!
Tactical Department Division (TRU)
Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB)
Special Operations Bureau (SOB)
Bike Life
Port Authority
DUI Enforcement
Gang Unit
Narcotics Unit
Traffic Services Division (TSD)
and much more!...
San Andreas Roleplay has an Advanced CAD System, Economy System, Court of Justice System and much more!!

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to join the most realistic and professional roleplay (and biggest) roleplay community on Xbox One?
Join us today!!

Click the link here!
We look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you!
~ SARP Public Relations
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