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Are you looking for a great role play experience?

SARP is the way to go, it is very simple to get in and we have 550+ members.
Everyone in our group is treated with respect & chances to grow within the community. Our role plays are as realistic as Xbox allows us to be. Most of our role plays are located in the AOP of Sandy Shores, we will go statewide if we have 20+ members which is usually around mid day when our member count is most active. In SARP we have a fully customized CAD system we build from the ground up to make it as user friendly as possible. In SARP we have a very professional & well rounded staff team, we treat each other like a family & like our server ran very professionally. SARP was established on August 8th, 2017, & is still growing at rapid rates!
We have many departments such as:

~ SSPD ( Sandy Shores Police Department )
~ BCSO ( Blaine County Sheriff Office ),
~ LSPD ( Los Santos Police Department ).
~ PBPD ( Paleto Bay Police Department ).
There are also other alternatives Civilian/ Criminal, Dispatch, Air One, & Ems/ Fire.

We also have 10 subdivisions:
~ Tactical Response Unit
~ Special Operations Bureau
~ FIB ( Federal Investigation Bureau )
~ Medcat
~ Wildlife
~ Port Authority
~ Gang/Narcotics Division
~ DUI Unit

~ San Andres Rescue Squad
~ Air One
all of these jobs are very important and are what make SARP run smoothly. We are one of the biggest role play servers out there & we would like YOU to join us !

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