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Character name: Johnny Bravo

Your psn: SoulLessRenegade

Character faction: Civilian

Free Starter Car (Blista Compact, sabre turbo or faggio): Sabre Turbo

Backstory:Johnny started out play race car games on his PlayStation and turned it into a illegal street profession, but Johnny is down on his luck and in a starter car.


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Character name: Myra Moretti

Your psn: asphaltdragon

Character faction: Civilian

Free Starter Car (Blista Compact, sabre turbo or faggio): Sabre Turbo

Backstory: Myra grew up as the child of rich parents. She spent her nights partying and days sleeping. But when her parents lost everything, she moved to San Andreas to form a new life.


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Character name: Ethan Penley

Your psn: Musical_Gamer05

Character faction: Civilian

Free Starter Car (Blista Compact, sabre turbo or faggio): Blista Compact

Backstory: Ethan was born in a medium class family, where 2 of his 3 brothers would smoke weed alot, his other brother instead moved away and would rarely spend time with them but loved to do so. His 1 sister was an amazing person doing whatever he wanted, but being the youngest, he wasn't able to do as much. He had so much fun as a kid, but during college got into a lot of shit. He had just bought a new blista compact and was starting to customize it when his family fell into hard times when his dad got cancer and the family sent money his way to get treatment. After giving all the money he had saved for his car to his dad, he passed, putting Ethan into a sadder state then ever making him get into drugs, until he stopped. But that pain of losing his father still remained.


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Character name: John Gibbs (Jax)

Your psn: Kwow444

Character faction: tbd

Free Starter Car (Blista Compact, sabre turbo or faggio): Sabre turbo


~ A Biography ~
John Gibbs is a 26-year-old chef at chain restaurant with an unfortunate habit of bumping off the people around him. He is creative and inspiring, but can also be very selfish and a bit unstable.
His first victim was his late girlfriend, Georgina Dora Barnes, who he killed because she told a joke he didn't particularly appreciate. In 2018, he killed he half sister , Hollie.
He grew up in a working class neighbourhood. Having never really known his parents, he was raised in a series of foster homes.
Moving to San Andreas is the second chance he's been looking for.


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Character name: Jermane Shanks

Your psn: I-Finesser

Character faction: Civilian

Free Starter Car (Blista Compact, sabre turbo or faggio): Sabre Turbo


Jermane Shanks grew up in an unstable home in Southern Los Santos, most specifically Grove Street. His mother was a crack feign, his father died when he was two. Jermane started hanging out with the local gang members at a young age, he'd start hanging with them when he was 10 Years old. He never understood what the streets could bring until he turned 16. He seen his best friend Marcus die in a fatal shooting. Jermane's heart has been ice cold ever since. He could never think about anything else. After he seen Marcus die, Jermane wanted to inflict pain on other people. Jermane still lives on Grove Street to this day, selling drugs, gang banging, and shooting guns...


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Character name: Ty Garrett

Your psn:Blackavenge

Character faction: Law enforcement

Free Starter Car (Blista Compact, sabre turbo or faggio):

Backstory: trying to make a comeback from his 4 year drug addiction and poor life choices, Ty now 21 years old decides to join the Law enforcement to help take down criminals instead of continuing to be one.


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Character name: LB

Your psn: BetIscore21

Character faction: civilian

Free Starter Car: Blista Compact, black

Backstory:parents were shot when I was 10 lived with grandparents till I was 17 then moved out and joined a gang in Jacksonville Florida now moved out here to start a new life only to get mixed up with the same stuff as in Florida
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Good looking thread. Better late than never ....

This gets you 100 trophy points, OP.



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Character name: Reymo Ianiro

Your psn: CAPO_MLKE

Character faction: The Silveratti Family

Free Starter Car (Blista Compact, sabre turbo or faggio): Sabre Turbo

Backstory:As an italian immigrant, Reymo has worked his way up, saved his money and has made quite the name for himself. he loves his family, but dont test his patience.


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Character name: John Doe
Your psn: Pandaspartan2
Character faction:civ
Free starter car: Sabre turbo
Backstory: I was born to crime since I was 10 my parents constantly robbing I was sick of it one day I ran away and was found and taken in to open arms


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PSN ID: NIK3R_biker34
Characters Name: Lamar Styles
Characters Age: 21

Character Faction : Civillian
Free Starter Car: Sabre
Characters Backstory : Lamar was born on 11/29/97 and brought from All saints general hospital. He lived in Los Flores for 18 of his life. He never met his dad as he was in prison when he was born. He got his first gun charge when he was 16. He became gang affilated when he was 14.
Characters Occupation: Drug Dealer
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