PS3 savage hearts - fight for the love of your car!


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SAVAGE HEARTS "For the love of cars fight-club car show".

RULES & REGULATIONS."POP"contest event will refer to, event will start when the at least 4 entry's is available and all are ready to begin (I, Wolf will be able to compete. but will as extra bout for my car & MMPTS ONLY.) Entry must register name & the car they love most in Grand Theft Auto 5. A car show is available but no cars are judged, it is to show off the car entered so other contestants can have a visual idea of that car. Entry's must be respectable during event as not to cause non-related conflict. This is a gun-free event. Gun is permitted for collection of winnings. Car customizing with gun can only be done away from event location. Winning cash prize $27000 & *20 Master Mechanic Points. PART-SHAPED CHOCOLATES are sold a price of at least $200 once reached cash paid & extra is used for award. Entry's will have to share cash to do so. JUNKYARD RODS cc members may use cash or MMPTS but only after a minimum of 10mmpts has been used to have this choice. Winner is first to collect all cars including their own entered car. FIGHT is by default hand to hand fist/kick. Melee weapons are not permitted. Further rules below must be followed to properly compete. Contest begins February 01,2015 & Contest closes February 15, 2015 with final show weather permitting. Cars during event are not actually won this is only for reference of points scored.
*In-Crew value for members junkyard rods cc members that has been acquired through joining crew/website club-house/and in-crew challenges.

How to win.

Entry must be the first to win all other contestant's cars, their loves including their own. To become the savage heart, bleeding the hearts of all others by taking their love-car. Entry must be in possession of their registered car before their last match play to win in order to win. Entry's have 6min limit to enter ring after name is called.

Entry into event by using in-game phone/send message/social club/etc, get a hold of WOLF. Once enough contestant's is reached an invite will be sent. Name is needed & the car make/model of the most loved car.

How to play.
1 vs 1 no weapons fist/kick fight. A match win will result in a point recorded as that said match loser's car make/model as a point on the said match winner's score card. Win them all first to win. If a player lose's their car 3 times their relationship with car is on the rocks and they must win it back.

How to win back the loved car.
-Lost "loves" can be bought back with a box of "part-shaped chocolate" for $200 (no change is given) or 5MMPTS*. Another $200/5mmpts* is added for every fight without loved car. A "story" is provided to inform players of their lost of their loved car.

-Win 3 in a row & win it back for free, fight for it.

-If player loses car to all contestants, their relationship is dead, they must still compete but the only way to get their car back is the 3 in a row rule.!car-showsevents/c1omp


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So the first bout had a savage heart, and a sad story broken heart. One player [player 1] lost 3 times, and got their "story". Their "love car" caught them checking out a top-less model, and anger would spend the night with player 2. Player 1 refused to buy a box of "part-shaped" chocolates to win her back. Player 1 went on to win all others cars eventually, still not thinking bout his love-car. He won, but was "single" so in fact, he lost broken hearted. Player 4 ended up bleeding all others hearts as the most savage heart filled with envy of others love-cars! This is fun!
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