Xbox One Seeking new Members for Black Devils Blood


Talking Troll

Hi All,

We're looking to add some new members, male or female – doesn't matter, and expand our Xbox group.. "BLACK DEVILS BLOOD"
we're a good mix of people of all ages who get along well and are online everyday,
Become the biggest and most successful crew out there! We wanna participate in GTA activities such as missions, Racing, stunts and just all around good times

- A wonderful community
- A packed-full-of-fun experience
- The acquisition of teamwork skills
- To be recognised as a well thought-out and productive family/crew
- To show that we're not push overs and that our focus is looking after one another

We also play other games such as Rocket League, Forza, Call of Duty, etc...

It doesn't matter if you are male or female, we also don't have any age restrictions as long as you are mature!
We don't want any silly little kids who like to kill everyone and blow everything up. We have a few rules we stick to so everything stays running smoothly:

We occasionally give each other some light ribbing, bantering and have a laugh so if you'd like to hang out and get involved in the group,
private message via XBOX either myself – BeautyGothGirl or SgtKabooooom – there are no tests and you can just jump in and go.

Thanks very much.

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