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I posted a video in my recruitment thread ,but every time I bump that thread it stays on top for less than an hour, then it's back to page ... Jan' 2015.

So I wanted somewhere else to post it ('cos I'm proud of my videos) and realised there isn't a general video thread for all to use. So here it is.

Keep it GTA, this is about created content on this board. Don't just throw videos in you find on youtube.


So here's my latest. It's footage from the Rockstar Editor but it has been pretty heavily edited in 3rd party video editing software.

WARNING - Seriously! There are strobe lighting effects throughout this video.
I know strobe lights adversely effect some folk. If you are such folk, get a mate to watch it for you & tell you how f'kin good it is!



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Nugsy, you're a moderator, use some of your vodo moderator magic to fix the default recent posts for recruitment. It's the only way... *spooky noises

Evan R

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Yea I'm making a #GunRunning Video as we speak I don't have much editor footage just the business set-up drive into the city. I bought the most expensive Bunker. Posted up behind a random house.


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This isn't my video, but this is something you guys need to see. This is possible the best cinematography I've ever seen with the R* Editor.

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