Show off your R* Editor videos


This was my very first video... I have since done quite a few more, including a feature length half-hour long one!


Evan R

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I see you've created a new YT channel?
Yeah fortunately my heavily edited videos were saved to the Share Factory. I have a pretty unique style and I try to show the gangster style in my videos and what not. I’ve really enjoyed smoking weed and doing contact missions. I play on the highest sensitivity and My free aim skills have paid off.

Evan R

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Michael Townley joined an MC after the Union Depository?

Haha that is sick looks like a mixture of Chef/Michael. Michael is featured in one of my videos briefly when he rescues Franklin from the back of a police car. It’s honestly gangster as hell my guy.


that guy


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Kuro made her first 'official' video for the crew. Just messing around with the editor. It's pretty fun, thought I'd share it.

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