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The website update includes socialclub features. This includes a brief detail about Snapmatic. Snapmatic, for those who've not read about it yet, is the in-game photo sharing feature. There will be a dedicated page of shared in-game photo's where you can add hashtags and even share amongst those on Facebook and Twitter.

This post is really to get a general idea on what people's feelings are about the feature AND of course what your first photo upload will be? Will you hold back and await your custom Infernus, Sabre GT or Cheetah or will you be taking a selfie with some hoe's you've found wandering around San Andreas?

Personally, it will probably be some cars once I'm more into the game. I might end up finding something awesome and posting it before hand but I will try hold back until my first, decent custom car...
The Snapmatic photo-sharing app available from your in-game iFruit phone in GTAV makes it a cinch to snap and share that picturesque view from the peak of Mount Chiliad, the fifty car pile-up you engineered on the road to Fort Zancudo, that wild fistfight you stumbled into between Piswasser'ed derelicts at the local 24-7, or any of the creepy, leering pictures you took of the hard bodies at Vespucci Muscle Sands. Rockstar Games Social Club members can upload photos from their in-game iFruit phone to a special Snapmatic page at the Social Club website and add hashtags or share out to other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned as well for some special Social Club Snapmatic photo competitions to be announced.
From the social club page on the Grand Theft Auto V website


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I don't know if you can tell by his facial expression but right after this photo was taken, Franklin was torn to pieces by a mountain lion.

Damn I forgot how annoying that was *RDR days... lol*
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