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Many of you are volunteering and asking if you could provide the site with any sort of help. Though I appreciate the number of queries, we can't give everyone a staff position.

All staff or team positions are unpaid.
NOTE: It is a definite plus if you are already an active and contributing member of the site.


Role Play Specialist -
This is a team member position. You will work with closely with other team and staff members to promote and help create the ideal Roleplay forum for GTA Online roleplayers. The ideal candidate has a never ending trail of ideas and ways to improve a RPer's experiences on a forum, outgoing personality, dedication, and a few hours a week to help implement and maintain the RP forum.
We would like to embrace the RP community with a fantastic and helpful community. We can implement custom add-ons, new sections, and profile features to make this easier. Please apply by messaging @Persh with with your previous experience, if any, and a brief message on what you can offer this community in terms of ideas and dedication.

Well for starters you could probably use it in a resume depending on how you word it :p
You'll get a staff badge to let others know your position on site
Satisfaction for helping a new site grow into a successful and active community
Something to do when you're not playing the game(s)
My personal thanks :)

If you don't hear back from me please accept my sincerest apologies in my lack of manners.
There could be a number of reasons you were denied or your application is in "waiting".
If you don't hear back from me within 30 days it's likely a deny and you're welcome to apply for another position.
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To all that I have directed to this thread from private chat, my apologies I didn't realize the thread was locked.
When positions are available it will be opened again.
Or you can try to bribe @Persh. :D
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