Xbox One State of San Andreas Roleplay


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Hello! I am Owner Ayden. I own a community called SOSA RP. We are a community that is just starting out, but we would love if you would come and join us.

We use an app called Discord which is available on iPhone & Android!
we have many text & voice channels to use keeping our community organized.

We have a CAD/MDT DMV for registering vehicles
We have Character Registration
We have an actions chat for everything roleplay
We also have a custom 911 channel for making calls
We have Civilian training

we have penal codes
We have 10-codes
We have arrest reports
We have citation reports
We have maps with postal codes
We have bolos
We have LEO training

Staff Team:
  • Founder John
SAHP ( San Andreas Highway Patrol )
BCSO ( Blaine County Sheriff’s Office )
EMS ( Emergency Service
(More coming)

Join us at

Hope to see you soon!
-Founder John
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