Story Mode Completions?


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How many times have you completed the story mode of GTA5?

I'm on my 3rd run right now. Did 2 on PS3 and in the middle of my 3rd on PS4.


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I have completed it and I'm half way through again :p lol
Not 100% (platinum) because I don't like searching for all the damn parts lol


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Lol I'll work on it when I'm super sick and there's nothing else to do. I heard one of the parts is reallyyyy hard to get to. lol


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Made too much money and got bored, the cars are crazy weak. I have found all, and done all but for some reason the under the bridge challenge wont finish no matter how many times I go through it [game issue, I really have gone under all bridges], and something to do with the strip club whatever that is I have not done, lol happy wife = happy life....yeh I leave it at that. If online wasn't so busy I would have gone through again already on my "platinum" account. I had a good time in single player.


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I completed it twice already, in like 3 months time, and manage to get 100% completion on my 2nd save, and i just got the "solid gold,baby" trophy last week !


ive finished the main missions about 8 times but never got to 100% i dont have the patience for it, and i dont play storymode much since i discovered gta online


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I done 1 full play thru on PS3 and PS4, I need to do a partial again on PS3 cuz of a glitched trophy. I close to the plat on both but to lazy to do it.

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1st time - xbox 360, story completion.

2nd time - xbox 360, story completion with $1.6bn on the stock exchange. I took this through (finally) to 100% completion, just to see the UFOs. To this day, I've only ever seen the UFOs courtesy of online modders.

3rd time - 360 again, story completion, second profile with as much money as I could be bothered with.

4th time - You gotta be fu**ing joking if you think I'm doing that shit over again. There will be no 4th!

I transferred an account with 100% completion to current gen & I was seriously pissed at even having to go as far as unlocking Trevor. They could have let us transfer that.

Were they so proud that they added cats that they thought we have to do story mode again to fully appreciate it?

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After posting the above I came to thinking...

Why should I complete story mode on next gen? . . . No, seriously I want to know why I should.

I sarcastically said about them adding cats, but surely there's more to it.

Were any of you seriously impressed by your next gen re-run of story mode? If you can talk me into it with compelling arguements, I'll do it.


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I always meant to aand didn't caryy through with it. I did do someeeee of it. I liked playing story. It wasn't the greatest story ever played but it was fun lol
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